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How We Quote


We quote you an accurate representation of cost in labor, travel, materials, and tools. Unlike other companies, we provide employee labor for techs, rent demo hammers, mortar mixers, buy lumber for forms, and rent wet saws, air compressors, concrete vibrators, shovels, buckets, and wheelbarrows.
We only ask that you provide the construction dumpster for the duration of the job.

We want to bring this to your attention, as some quotes may seem high and complicated. We are always willing to review quotes with you so you can better understand how we operate.

Our Services


Preventative Maintenance Inspection

The upkeep and general maintenance of each machine include:

  • Checking and adjusting all air and gas settings for proper outputs in the Water-column
  • Filling and oiling the hydraulic pumps for the door when needed
  • Taking pictures of the entire machine, both inside and out
  • Replacing thermocouples for the secondary and primary burners
  • Replacing spark plugs and flame rods/UV scanners (burner parts)
  • Inspecting the inside of the machine and refractory materials to make sure they are not worn out or in need of immediate replacement

Regular inspections will help prevent failures and catastrophic events.

24/7 Hotline

Call at any time for assistance with machines:

  • Experience over-the-phone troubleshooting
  • Learn necessary actions, such as how to change a thermocouple

We offer our clients this service because we know some locations operate every day.


Refractory Repairs

We handle the upkeep of ALL MANUFACTURER MAKES AND MODELS, including:

  • Brick repairs
  • Floor repairs
  • Roof repairs
  • Sidewall repairs
  • Secondary repairs
  • Primary repairs
  • Build custom control panels (electrical and components)

We specialize in tearing out all the old material and replacing it with new so you can stay in operation while avoiding potential hazards.

International Travel

We come to you no matter your location:

  • Our team will travel internationally
  • We handle all of the work for you

We bring the same level of quality and service, no matter where we are working.

Hours of Operation

7:00am – 4:00pm


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